Iron Horse Trike & E-Bike Custom Shop is unique to the Industry, with over 60 years combined rehab engineering, design and manufacturing, we offer the only true adaptive and customization of recumbent trikes in the country.

We cut, bend, weld and finish our trikes to specific customer requirements. (we do not jury rig other company’s frames, paint them then over charge you the customer for what is basically a stock item or trike.

We specialize in Adaptive, size, weight or physical needs of each individual rider are not an obstacle to our engineering staff. We build our products, and if we use stock items from another vendor, we do not over charge the customer and tell you it is custom.

Our seating and positioning is the best and the only one in the country that is built in-house. Let’s be honest – sling seats are not adaptive, in any way – they are just inexpensive to produce, not very adjustable and generic at best. If sling seats are such a great idea, we would have them in our cars. Our seats and backs are totally adjustable, made with pressure sensitive foam, and built as two pieces that are controlled independently to FIT YOU.

We specialize in working with injured veterans, amputees, riders with balance issues, TBI, MS, PTSD, Parkinsons, autism riders and individuals with many other lesser known therapeutic and traumatic injuries that impact their ability to ride. Our Mantra is “EVERYBODY RIDES”.

Our E-Trikes are designed to be power assist at the design build starting point. They are built with a much stiffer and stronger rear end to eliminate side to side flex that is a problem in all other tadpole trikes. Our batteries are mounted low and near the center mass of the trike. They do not hang precariously from a rack or on the side of the trike further exacerbating flex.

You would not by a car without an engine to be purchased separately, why would you by a trike from a dealer and then have the dealer mount an add on motor.
** Note: the largest producer of add on bicycle motors (Bionics) just filed for bankruptcy.

Call us today to discuss your personal needs, get back out and “Ride Like A Kid Again”